Update on Naturally Straight and Dry Remedy Oil

I thought it would be a good time to post an up-date on the latest two styling products from Aveda, Naturally Straight and Dry Remedy Oil.  Firstly a brief of Naturally Straight;  A styling product best used on wet hair after cleansing and condition to manage curly, wavy and frizzy hair.  For best results blow dry hair with a bristle brush* and follow with flat irons if required.  Designed to lock in moisture and keep the hair straighter for longer, for best results use sparingly and by the fifth usage or after fifth wash and blow dry the product will be working at its best.  Naturally straight is a part of the smooth infusion which includes Shampoo Conditioner and Styling products.

In salon we have seen good results making it the go to product to smooth the hair with surprisingly a natural finish, therefore not a big blow dry with lots of texture.  Although it will leave and hold movement if a medium brush is used.

Dry remedy treatment oil, another tool in the armoury designed to fight the dry feel of hair often associated with current/past time of year (summer).  Can be used on wet or dry hair (Highly concentrated, use only a few drops until you get used to it!).  Designed to smooth the cuticle* and add the vital amino acids* and moisture deprived in dry hair.  Again a lovely product to finish the hair after a blow dry or at the beginning by drying the hair with a good bristle brush which will help distribute the product evenly through the hair.  Tip, work the product through the ends of the hair at first then move towards the mid lengths, avoiding the root area, remember the brush will do a lot of the work for you.

Amino acids-Know as the building blocks for the human body, deficiency can responsible for dry dull hair, weak hair and even hair loss.

Cuticle-The protective outside layer of the hair easily damaged by heat , colour, and styling.  Minimize the harm caused by using protective styling products leave in treatments and deep conditioning treatments as well as a daily conditioner.

Bristle brush-In need of a good blow drying brush or a brush to detangle those long tresses?  You may even be harming your hair with the one you are using at the moment, Natural bristle, heat retaining, Vent, Paddle, so many different types and styles.  We now stock Kent brushes please ask a member of our team for advise in choosing the right brush for you.

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